As a UPOU student…

I am on my last trimester for the PTC program I am enrolled in at UPOU. My experience has been great and exciting! At first, I didn’t think I would pass the entrance exam. I really have high respect to University of the Philippines and it has been my dream to study here. I thought it was a bit difficult, but then I realized that the courses themselves are truly challenging!

Good thing is that all my professors have been nice and approachable enough in accommodating my queries.

The lessons, modules, exams and activities are undeniably difficult and I would always need a lot of time to read, analyze and review.

However as an online student, I have come to enjoy studying even though it means not seeing my teacher and classmates face to face. I do exert a lot of effort understanding the materials provided and searching for more materials that could help me comprehend every lesson. Yes, it requires a lot of effort but it gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness every time a task is done, understood and given feedback.



Study skills inventory 




I got a score of 230 which means I have intermediate or moderate self-regulation capacity. This is actually telling me that I have to exert more control over my behavior, thoughts and feelings to attain my goals.


Time Management…

Getting a score of 43 in this test means I am a good time manager. I am quite confident that I am able to manage my time well as I could always make sure I accomplish all my to-do-lists with great outcomes. I am a full-time mother to a 2-year-old getting naughtier toddler (which means I work 24/7 doing mommy duties and I could hardly get time alone), I am housewife and a caring daughter to my mother who was recently diagnosed with a colon cancer. With dedication and passion, I am able to perform all of my duties and responsibilities while being a UPOU student.


My answers to reflective questions:

  1. To improve my learning even more, I believe I need to be more resourceful. I sometimes experience challenges which hinder me from studying well but I am sure all will fall into places when proper discipline and resourcefulness come up.
  2. This term, I will be practicing my writing skills even more. As I have already noticed, I have a lot of writing tasks for this term. This will only allow me to be better and effective in expressing and sharing my thoughts and knowledge.
  3. For this course, my goal is to make sure all lessons that will be taught will be clear to me with no confusions and doubt. I will not cram and allot more time to read.

My Pledge of Commitment

I am committed to exert all effort needed to understand the whole course. I will be a good reader and be a resourceful student. I will not just pass the course, but I will take all the learning with me until I become a licensed public school teacher and practice all my learning with my students.


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