I admit. I used to be bored at school at some point. I am sure you felt that too!

How can we not be bored if we did the same thing over and over again every single day? It seemed like it was just a routine that was never ending.

Well, this is why, we, as teachers, need to make teaching and learning always fun and interesting.

I used to be a Sunday school teacher for kids age 2 to 10. One of the biggest challenges I encountered was that kids easily get bored. Kids would always like something different and something enjoyable during the class. This is why it is significant that every teacher must be CREATIVE.

Being creative does not necessarily mean you have to be original. You just have to find USEFUL ways so that the students learn effectively. It does not always mean games or play; it would just have to draw students’ interests in order to learn every lesson being taught.

In my case, I see to it that every student gets the appropriate attention needed. Being creative entails being considerate that each of our students has own needs, personalities, styles, attitude and learning speed.

Create a lesson plan or activity that would suit every learner.

In my case, as a Sunday school teacher, I see to it that I prepare new action songs for younger kids, and new bible story for sharing for the older kids. They all enjoy and learn at the same time.

How about you? What do you do to be a creative teacher?


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