CPDs and PLCs can help us be effective teacher. They definitely have a significant impact on teaching effectiveness. As teachers, in order for us to be effective educators, we must keep ourselves trained and updated in order to deliver professional services to our students. I, personally, always make sure to enhance my abilities to teach successfully. Teaching is never an easy job. So, preparation and management are very important so that we can always face the student, their parents, and the community readily. CPD and PLC then can help us with this preparation. CPD can help us manage our own development as educators on an ongoing basis. By recording, reviewing and reflecting what we learn, we can easily track our own performances and abilities, whether we are improving, or needing of more progress. As for me, I would like to keep my knowledge that I share with the students, up to date and relevant. PLCs also are giving significant impact on teaching effectiveness. It is good to have group who regularly shares expertise and works collaboratively just to help each other to be better teachers, to be able to provide the best learning experiences to the students. PLC does not only help the teachers improve professionally, I think it also helps them emotionally. Isn’t a great feeling when we have other professionals around us who share the same feelings, sentiments and even complaints? It always makes us feel better when we talk to people who can relate to our experiences and who can give us pieces of realistic advice.

Meanwhile, there are barriers to successful practice of CPD and PLC. One of them is the hectic schedule of every teacher. TIME is one of the main barriers to effective CPDs and PLCs. We all know how time consuming it is just to be a teacher itself. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with so many tasks, duties, problems to solve, materials to read, seminars to attend, grades to compute and the list of responsibilities goes on and on.  We normally feel as if the time allotted for all the things us teachers must accomplish is always not enough. We then ask the question: How can we even have time for CPD and PLC?

If I were to develop the PLC and CPD program, I would create CPD and PLC ONLINE. Just like UPOU, it saves us time to travel, get dressed and prepare to go to actual school. CPD and PLC Online could answer the time problem that the teachers encounter. It will be easier to participate as long as they have internet and computer, which I’m sure is very possible nowadays. I would design the PLC and CPD similar to how we do distance learning here, where we can still interact, ask questions, share ideas and participate at our most convenient time and place.



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