Teaching itself is already hard. To be a teacher means to have many duties and responsibilities, to encounter a lot of complexities and to be always updated and knowledgeable.

In this module, I have learned simple yet most important lesson that I can apply in my teaching profession. There are three key components of teacher knowledge: understanding of content, understanding of teaching, and understanding of technology.

Teachers and students nowadays are very lucky to have technology in the process of educating the learners. It has become more convenient because technology always readily available to make learning quicker and even better.

When I was in fourth year high school, it was the first time I had a computer subject. It was my first time to know the parts of a computer and to even touch a mouse. It was amazing to me, because before that day, I was not really familiar on how to even turn on and shut down a computer. I felt happy yet embarrassed on the limited knowledge I had. I went to a public school and equipments and materials were not that complete. I felt ashamed as my elementary cousin who went to a private school knew a lot more about the computer than I did. Even my teachers then were not too knowledgeable as computers in our school just started to come one by one.

My point is, these days, teachers can be knowledgeable as long as they as resourceful enough. We are lucky that understanding of technology is not that hard as before. Everyone or most teachers now know how to operate computers, tablets, make powerful presentations, etc. We, as effective teachers, should have teacher knowledge, not only about the content, not only about teaching, but also the technology.



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