I came from poor family. When I was a little child, I loved playing “aral-aralan” with my playmates on the street. I used to play the role of the teacher and my students were my playmates, same age as mine. From then on, I told my parents and my relatives that I wanted to be a teacher. I went to school a bit early, I was only turning three years old. They noticed how I enjoyed school.

However, everyone discouraged me, even at my young age, to pursue teaching. They think that a teacher is a hard job with a low pay. So, I will not be able to help out financially.

Years passed, I could still remember the perspective of people around me about being a teacher. I would just smile or laugh at it every time I remember.

When I graduated in high school, I still continued receiving scholarship for college and I decided to take up AB Communication Arts because I then discovered how I loved public speaking and reporting. I graduated and worked in two different fields… in the bank as a teller and in school, online and tutorial classrooms as an English teacher.

I realized that my dream to be a teacher is still here. How I view the teaching profession is what keeps me going! My passion is still here. And I’m sure how every teacher views his or her profession affects his or her performances and abilities.

Every teacher’s perspectives on teaching could impact teaching practices, and even the students’ learning. Teaching perspectives include our viewpoints, styles of teaching, and interpretation of the lesson.

So, if a teacher views teaching as a mere obligation or duty, chances are, fun and enjoyment while teaching and learning will not be experienced by both teacher and students. A teacher then will be focused on achieving the goal to create and follow lesson plans, discussing lessons and giving exams or questions.

But, if the teacher like me views teaching as more than just a task but a passion and source of enthusiasm, teaching practices could be a lot more improved, enjoyable by both teacher and students, and effective. Teacher then will stay to be always motivated and inspired to pass on learning and guide the students to be more thirsty of new learning, be more dedicated to improve and be more competitive which is a good sign in improving.


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