Thank God, It’s Finals!


I read the modules and all the reading materials provided by our professor every day. And every single day, my husband would not miss to ask “How did your study go today?” Consistently, my answer would be, “It was a bit difficult. A lot of readings and they are not easy to comprehend”.

However, despite of having this kind of answer to him, at the end of every topic, I would always tell him that I am happy and satisfied because another challenge was surpassed –meaning, another lesson was successfully learned.

Now that the final requirements have been accomplished, I honestly feel mixed emotions. I feel relieved, happy and a little nervous.

I felt relieved because after reviewing and reading previous lessons to formulate my answer, I finally got to put my ideas in words and writing. It took time but I made it!

I felt happy because I myself realized that I have learned a lot this semester. All the discussion questions were not easy for me. The final assignment was challenging for me. Group works were exigent! But all were in the end understood by me as well, properly and completely.

I felt a little nervous because my classmates or my teacher might find me or my writing not too deep or full of sense.

Nevertheless, it is finished. In the end, life is all about trials and challenges along the way to achieve success and happiness.

What is important is that all the enlightenment I have encountered will be very useful in my profession as a future public school teacher. Every lesson left a mark. Most importantly, after this course, important lessons will always be followed and practiced by heart. I am now more responsible and careful of my actions as I am now always assessing and evaluating every teaching session I encounter (Reflective Teaching). I have realized that I can do a lot to nurture creativity among my students and that I can motivate them to be more inventive in education. (Creativity)

There are many more lessons that I acquired and I will definitely apply.

Now, My PTC journey is about to finish, but I am just about to start and face the reality. Thank you EDS 111 and Teacher Roja! =)



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